Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Valvesonly Europe is a premier Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Germany and Italy. We provide customized option as per our customer needs.

About Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve:

A double eccentric butterfly valve,  is  type of butterfly valve that uses quarter turn motion to move the disc, to control the flow fluid.  They are also known as a high-performance butterfly valve, used in water treatment plants, power plants, steel smelting facilities, chemical industries, and environmental facilities that require effective water drainage systems. They are commonly used to drain waste water from these plants or to carry high-performance items.

These eccentric butterfly valves are a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to globe and ball valves in many applications, as they are less expensive, lighter, and easier to install.

Differences between double eccentric and triple eccentric butterfly valves?

When deciding between a double eccentric and triple eccentric butterfly valve, it’s crucial to understand their key distinctions:

  1. Sealing Performance: Double eccentric butterfly valves have excellent sealing due to contact between the seat and disc. While, triple eccentric valves may have slightly lower sealing efficiency as they feature reduced contact between the seat and the disc.
  2. Leakage Resistance: Double eccentric butterfly valves sees are less leakage due to their superior sealing properties. However, triple eccentric valves may have more leakage due to their design where it has reduced contact between the seat and the disc.
  3. Fluid Resistance: Triple eccentric butterfly valves shows greater resistance to damage from water or other fluids compared to double eccentric valves.
  4. Cost Considerations: Triple eccentric butterfly valves are more expensive than double eccentric valves. This price difference is majorly due to the more intricate design and complex  manufacturing requirements of triple eccentric valves.
  5. Body Design: Double eccentric butterfly valves has a two-piece body design, while triple eccentric valves have a three-piece body design.

Benefits and Applications:

Double eccentric butterfly valves are perfect  valves for areas where leak prevention , durability and perfect sealing is crucial. These valves are widely utilized in the water treatment, oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, HVAC, and marine industries. They provide a reliable way to maintain tight shut-off sustain tight shut-off and handle challenging conditions.

For swift delivery and top-notch service, Valvesonly Europe is your Double eccentric butterfly valve manufacturer in Germany and Italy of choice.  We provide valves in following description:

Available materials: Ductile Iron, WCB, Wcc, wc9, wc6, SS304, SS316,CF8M, SS316L, SS904L , Monel, WCB, Aluminium Bronze, Bronze, Brass, Duplex steel, Inconel, Incoloy, Titanium

Class: 150 to 300, PN6 to PN 25

Mode of operation: Electric, Pneumatic actuated.

Size : 2″ to 72″

Ends: Wafer, Lug, Flanged.

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    Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

    Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Body Material: Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,etc. Disc Materials: Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel etc. Sealing Material: EPDM, NBR (Buna-N), FKM (Viton) Double Eccentric Disc Design Ensures Minimal Wear and Provides Excellent Throttling Capabilities. Replaceable Sealing Materials Ensures Optimum Seating Torque Perfectly Machined Seat Ring Ensures Continued Tight Shut […]