Non Lubricated Sleeved Plug Valve Manufacturer in Germany

Valvesonly Europe is a well-known Non Lubricated Sleeved Plug valve Manufacturer in Germany. A Non Lubricated sleeved plug valve, often called a greaseless plug valve, is a type of valve used to control the flow of liquids or gasses in pipelines. It is specially designed to eliminate the need for lubrication, which is a common requirement for conventional plug valves. This type of valve has a sealing mechanism that does not depend on lubrication. The basic components of a non-lubricated sleeve valve typically include a cylindrical or conical pass-through plug, an enclosing body or housing, and a flexible, flexible sleeve or liner made of materials such as PTFE .

The sleeve forms a tight seal between the cap and the valve body, preventing liquid or gas from escaping when the valve is closed. The advantage of the non-lubricated sleeve valve is that it eliminates the need for constant maintenance and re-lubrication, making it suitable for applications where lubricant contamination or frequent maintenance is undesirable. These valves are often used in industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries, where the purity of the process fluid is critical and the potential risk of contamination must be minimized.


  • Elimination of External Lubrication
  • Reduced Risk of Contamination
  • Low Maintenance
  • Leakage Prevention
  • Highly Resistant Materials
  • Minimal Pressure Drop
  • High-Temperature Capability
  • Long Service Life


  • Lever Operated
  • Pneumatic Actuator
  • Electric Actuator
  • Gear Operated


  • Material: Carbon Steel, Iron, Duplex Steel, CF8, CF8M, WCB, CF3, CF3M, WC6, Ductile iron, WCC, LCB, LCC, SS304, SS316, Alloy 20
  • Class: 150 to 2500.
  • Pressure: PN10 to PN450.
  • Nominal Size: ½” to 24”
  • Ends: Flanged, Threaded, Socket weld, Buttweld
  • Operations – Gear operated, Electric actuated , Pneumatic actuated, Lever operated

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  • Non-Lubricated Sleeved Plug Valve

    Non-Lubricated Sleeved Plug Valve Body: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, LCB, WC6 Bonnet: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, LCB, WC6 Plug: A105+ENP, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L Seat: PTFE, PPL Seat Ring: PTFE, PPL Packing: Graphite, PTFE, PPL Gasket: SS304+Graphite Nominal Size: DN15 to DN350 Nominal Pressure: Class150 to Class900, PN16 to PN63 Flanged Ends to […]