Forged Steel Ball Valve

 Valvesonly Europe is your reliable partner as Forged Steel ball valve manufacturer in Italy and Germany.A forged steel ball valve is a type of ball valve constructed using the forging process, which involves heating a solid piece of steel and shaping it using compressive forces. This manufacturing method results in a valve body and components that are exceptionally strong and durable, making forged steel ball valves suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

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  • Components: The main components of a forged steel ball valve include the valve body, which houses the ball and other internal mechanisms, the ball which has a hole through its center, the stem connected to the ball for opening and closing the valve, and the seat, which forms a tight seal against the ball to prevent leakage.
  • Applications: They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and refining, where reliable performance and long service life are essential requirements.

Valvesonly Europe your Forged steel ball valve manufacturer in Italy and Germany.


  1. Available Materials: F55, F51, F53, F11, F22, A105, F304 F316, F316L, F91, F904, F44
  2. Size: ½” to 48”
  3. Class: 150 to 2500
  4. Nominal Pressure: PN10 to PN450
  5. Operation: Lever Operated, Gear Operated, Electric Actuated, and Pneumatic Actuated.
  6. End Connection: Threaded, Buttweld, Socket Weld
  7. Medium: LNG, Cryogenic application, Water, Air, Steam

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    2 Piece Forged Steel Ball Valve 1. Body: A105, F304, F316, F304L, F316L 2. Ball: F304, F316, F304L, F316L 3. Seat: PTFE, RPTFE 4. Gasket: PTFE 5. Bonnet: A105, F304, F316, F304L, F316L 6. Packing: PTFE 7. Packing Gland: SS304 8. Nut: A194B7, A1948 10. Stem: SS316, SS304 11. Thrust Washer: RPTFE 12. Handle: PVC Nominal […]

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    3 Piece Forged Steel Ball Valve

    3 Piece Forged Steel Ball Valve Full Port or Reduced Port Working Pressure: 3000 WOG (PN200) Working Temperature: -20ºC to 260ºC (-4ºF to 500ºF) Investment casting Blow-out proof stem Anti-Static Device Locking device ISO 5211  Mounting pad Wall thickness to ASME B16.34 NACE MR0175 (option) Butt weld ends conform to ANSI B16.25 and DIN 3239 Main […]