Slurry knife gate valve

Valvesonly Europe is the greatest Slurry knife gate valve suppliers and  manufacturer in Germany. A slurry knife gate valve is a specialized type of valve designed to control the flow of slurries, which are mixtures of solids and liquids. It serves a crucial role in industries dealing with abrasive, viscous, or corrosive fluids, providing efficient and reliable flow control even in challenging environments.

The working principle of this valve is straightforward yet effective. It consists of a blade or gate that moves perpendicular to the flow direction to either permit or block the flow of the slurry. When open, the gate retracts into the valve body, allowing unimpeded flow. Conversely, when closed, the gate moves into a sealing position, preventing the passage of the slurry. This design ensures tight shut-off and minimal pressure drop, even with high-viscosity or abrasive slurries.

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    Slurry Knife Gate Valve

    Slurry Knife Gate Valve Body: Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel Stem: F304, F316 Gate: F304, F316 Stem Packing: PTFE, Graphite Nominal Diameter: DN50 to DN600 Nominal Pressure: Class150, PN6, PN10, PN16 End Connection: Wafer, Lug Standard Compliance MSS SP-81, T 8691 Face to Face Dimension: MSS SP-81 Pre-temperature Rating: ANSI B16.34 Flanged Dimension: ANSI B16.5, DIN2533, […]