Thermal Safety Valve Manufacturer

Valvesonly Europe is a leading Thermal Safety Valve Manufacturer in Italy. A thermal safety valve is a type of safety valve that is designed to open automatically when a specific temperature is reached. It is typically used in systems where there is a risk of overheating, such as in boilers, pressure vessels, and industrial equipment. The valve is set to open at a specific temperature, which is determined by the design of the system and the requirements of the application.

Valvesonly Europe is the magnificent Thermal Safety Valve Manufacturer   which supplies to Italy, Germany and works by using a temperature-sensitive element, such as a bimetallic strip or a thermonuclear, that is connected to the valve. When the temperature of the system exceeds the set point, the temperature-sensitive element expands, which in turn causes the valve to open. The opening of the valve allows the release of pressure or the flow of coolant to the equipment to reduce the temperature of the system.

Thermal safety valves are used to prevent damage to equipment or systems caused by overheating and to prevent accidents or explosions caused by high-pressure releases. They are an important safety feature in industrial systems and are typically required by safety regulations.

Advantages of thermal safety valve:

  • Automatic operation
  • High-temperature protection
  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost-effective

Application of thermal safety valve:

  • Boilers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Industrial equipment
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Power plants
  • Nuclear power plants


Body material: Cast iron, cast steel (WCB, WCC, LCC, LCB, WC6, WC9), Ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel (SS316, SS304, CF8).

Class: 150 – 2500, PN10 – PN450.

Size: ½” – 40”

Ends: Socket weld butt weld, flanged, threaded

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    Full Lift Safety Valve

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    Low Lift Safety Valve

    Low Lift Safety Valve Size: 1/2” to 12” Pressure: 150LB to 1500LB Work temperature: 200, 300Deg.C Standard: DIN, ANSI Medium: Air, Water, Steam or Corrosive liquid Main material: Cast steel, Carbon steel and Stainless steel Normal Pressure PN 150 300 600 900 1500 Body strength Ps (MPa) 3.0 7.5 15 22.5 38 set pressure Pk […]