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Valvesonly Europe is one of the best Jacketed Plug Valve Manufacturer in Italy. A Jacketed Plug Valve is a type of valve that is designed to control the flow of fluid while maintaining a specific temperature. The valve consists of a plug, which is a cylindrical or tapered component that rotates within the valve body to control the flow of fluid. The valve body is jacketed, or insulated, with a material that helps maintain the temperature of the fluid.

Jacketed Plug Valve works by using a plug that rotates within the valve body to control the flow of fluid. The plug has a bore, or hole, that aligns with the inlet and outlet ports of the valve when the valve is open, allowing fluid to flow through the valve. When the valve is closed, the plug is rotated so that the bore is no longer aligned with the inlet and outlet ports, blocking the flow of fluid.

The jacketed valve body surrounds the plug and it is usually made of metal, such as carbon steel or stainless steel, and insulated with a material such as insulation foam to help maintain the temperature of the fluid. The insulation helps to prevent heat loss or gain, which can affect the temperature of the fluid passing through the valve.

Valvesonly Europe is the leading Jacketed Plug Valve Manufacturer in Italy which provide different types of jackets like Half Jacket and full jacket to meet the requirement of temperature control. It is important for clients to specify their requirements such as pressure, temperature, and fluid compatibility to the manufacturer so that the valve can be tailored to their specific application.

Advantages of jacketed plug valve:

  • Reduced leakage point
  • Reduced effect of vibration
  • The item may keep you both warm and cool at the same time.
  • It can pass high viscosity medium that solidifies at room temperature and reduce medium heat loss in the pipe.
  •  It can coherently handle gas, liquid fluid, and extreme temperatures.
  • It can be serviced and repaired at the site of operation.

Industries of Jacketed Plug Valve:

  • Chemical service industry.
  • Oil piping systems.
  • Power generation
  • Water and wastewater treatment


Body material: WCB, Carbon steel, cast iron, ductile iron, SS304, SS316, alloy steel, stainless steel.

class: 150-2500, PN10 – PN450

size: ½” to 24”.

Operation: gear operated, electric actuated, pneumatic actuated, lever.

Ends: Socket weld, buttweld, flanged, threaded.

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    Jacketed Plug Valve

    Jacketed Plug Valve Name Jacketed Plug Valve Size 1/2″~24″; DN15~DN600 Normal pressure Class 150LB~2500LB; PN16~PN420 Design standard API 599,API 6D,ASME B16.34; BS 5353 Body Carbon Steel,Cast Iron,Ductile Iron,Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel Fire safe design API607,API 6FA End flange ANSI B 16.5,ASME B16.47; EN1092,DIN2543~DIN2547,AS2129 Screwed dimension ANSI B1.20.1; BS21;JIS BO20 End flange ANSI B 16.5,EN1092,DIN2543~DIN2547 Face to Face ANSI B 16.10,API 6D; […]