Best Gate valve supplier in UAE, OMAN, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq

Are you looking for the best Gate valve supplier in OMAN, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain , Iraq? Valvesonly is one of them with strong customer support and R&D. Valvesonly is one of the largest Gate valve supplier in OMAN. We are also one of the largest suppliers in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. A gate valve is a valve that opens by lifting a barrier (gate) out of the path of the fluid. It operates by inserting a rectangular gate into the path of a fluid flow. It operates by a threaded stem which connects the actuator to the stem of the gate. Rising stems are fixed to the gate, they rise and lower together when the valve is operated. When the gate is fully open, the disk of a gate valve is completely removed and  has no obstruction in the flow path which results in a very minimal pressure loss. The flow rate of pressure drops when fluid passes through a gate valve. Gate valves have a tight sealed bonnet which is made up of forged material, it is  ideal shut-off valve when it comes to the optimal efficiency of the entire system with low pressure loss and high operating pressure.
Parts of a gate valve are
• Body
• Seat
• Disc
• Spindle
• Gland
• Wheel
The seat and the gate together perform the function of shutting off the flow of fluid.
Types of Gate Valves:
• Rising Stem Gate valve
• Non-Rising stem Gate valve
• Bellow Sealed Gate valve
• Pressure Seal Gate valve
• Forged Gate valve
• Cryogenic Gate valve
Advantage of Gate Valve:
• Fluid resistance
• Energy efficiency
• Simple body
• Dual flow direction
• Minimum pressure loss.
• Suitable for isolation
• They have tight shutoff capacity
• Are Used in wide range of applications
• Dual flow directions
Industries which use Gate Valve are :
• Oil industry, Gas industry, Automotive industry, Manufacturing, Marine , Chemical plants, Water treatment plants

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