Double Orifice Air Release Valve

Valvesonly shines through in commitment to be a Double Orifice Air Release valve manufacturer in Germany and Italy. A double orifice air release valve is a type of valve used in pipelines to automatically release air and gas pockets that may accumulate in the system. It is designed to vent air while preventing the escape of liquid from the pipeline. They are available in various materials such as ductile iron, stainless steel, or other corrosion-resistant alloys, depending on the application requirements.

Key features and functions of a Double Orifice air release valve:

  1. A double orifice air release valve has two separate orifices or outlets—one for air release and another for water entry. This design allows for efficient separation of air and water during the venting process.
  2. When air or gas gets accumulated in the pipeline, the air release orifice allows the trapped air to easily escape from the system. The valve is designed to automatically open when air pressure builds up inside the pipeline, allowing the air to vent to the atmosphere.
  3. The water entry orifice is designed to prevent the loss of liquid from the pipeline during the air release process. It ensures that only air or gas is released while maintaining the integrity of the pipeline and preventing water hammer effects.
  4. While the valve is typically equipped with float mechanisms or other automatic devices that control the opening and closing of the valve. This allows the valve to operate autonomously, responding to changes in air pressure within the pipeline.
  5. These valves are constructed to withstand the operating pressure of the pipeline system.


Double orifice air release valves are commonly used in water distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants, irrigation systems, and other fluid handling applications where the presence of air or gas in the pipeline needs to be managed to maintain system efficiency and performance of the system.

Difference between Single air release valve and Double air release valve?

Single  air release valve and Double air release valve both helps in ypes effectively managing the air and gas accumulation in pipelines. Single orifice valves have one outlet for air release and water entry  due to which they may experience water loss during air release, while the double orifice valves have separate outlets for air release and water entry. Thereby preventing water loss by separating air release and water entry.

Choosing the ideal air valves and fitting them can be a intimidating task for that you need to a efficient supplier like Valvesonly Europe ,a premium Double orifice air release valve manufacturer in Germany and Italy.


  1. Body Material: Ductile iron, cast iron, WCB, WCC, WC6, LCB, LCC.
  2. Size: 1/2’’ to 8’’
  3. Pressure No: PN6 to PN25
  4. Class: 150 to 300
  5. Ends: Flanged, threaded

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    Double Orifice Air Valve

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