Advantages and difference of Gate valve and Globe valve

Difference between Gate Valve and Globe Valve

Globe Valve is a valve used for flow regulation. It has a movable disc and a ring seat in spherical body. It is used for throttling purposes. It has a valve seat parallel to the line of flow. The design of the valve forces the change in flow of the liquid within itself. These valves are suitable for manual or automatic operations. Globe valve can be used in regulating the flow of pressure as well as complete shut off of the flow. The Globe valve have higher pressure loss in the fully opened position when compared to other valves. The disc can be completely removes from the path of the liquid or it can completely close the flow path.

Gate valve works by opening a barrier out of the fluid path. They require very little space and do not restrict the path of the fluid. The faces of a Gate valve can be parallel or wedge-shaped. The Gate valve can be in fully opened or fully closed position and cannot be used in flow regulations. It ensures less leakage. Gate valves have unobstructed passage for the fluid which induce minimum pressure loss. Gate Valves are mostly used as shut off valves.

Parts of Gate valve And Globe Valve

Parts of Globe Valve- Body Seat & Disc Stem Bonnet Wedge

Parts of Gate valve – Disc Seat Bonnet Actuator Body Stem


What is the difference between Gate Valve And Globe Valve?

Gate Valve

  • Cannot be used for flow regulation
  • They are suitable for isolation.
  • They have tight shutoff capacity.

Globe Valve

  • Can be used for flow regulation
  • They are suitable for regulating or throttling the flow.
  • They cannot seal tight as compared to gate valve.


Types of Gate Valve –

  • Rising Stem Gate Valve
  • Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve
  • Bellow Seal Gate Valve
  • Pressure Seal Gate Valve
  • Cryogenic Gate Valve
  • Forged Gate Valve

Types of Globe Valve –

Pressure Seal Globe Valve

  • Bellow Seal Globe Valve
  • Y Type Globe Valve
  • Angle Type Globe Valve
  • Forged Steel Globe Valve


Applications of Globe Valve and Gate Valve –

  • Fuel oil systems.
  • Feedwater or chemical feed systems.
  • Boiler and main steam vents and drains.
  • Turbine lube oil system


Advantages of Gate Valve and Globe Valve –

Fluid resistance of the valve is small

  • Better Sealing performance
  • Used in wide range of applications
  • Has dual flow directions


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